Thursday, June 14, 2012

Thank you to EVERYONE that made our show with Massgrave/Needful Things/Turbokrieg awesome. we really appreciate those of you that support your scene. The rest of you knuckleheads that just kicked it outside the whole time get with the program bands won't come back if you don't support them by paying the measly 5$ cover charge and watching them play!

that aside we are playing again on June 30th @ The Bunkhouse Saloon with The Casualties and Lower Class Brats......this should be really interesting.

also Adrian has some pretty rad shows he booked coming up...

JUNE 25, 2012 @ Yayo Taco 7pm 5$

Appalachian Terror Unit (West VA Crust/Punk)
Modern Pets (awesome punk rock from Berlin,Germany)
P.R.O.B.L.E.M.S. (Portland Punk City featuring Kelly from Defiance/Detestation on bass!)
Elements of Now (Vegas Prog Punk)

JUNE 26, 2012 @ Eastside Joe's 7pm 5$

Wartorn (Disconsin hardcore punk members of Dresden)
In Defence (Minneapolis hc/punk)

we MIGHT end up playing the Wartorn/In Defence show. stay tuned.

Monday, June 4, 2012


2 songs from our demo which you can order direct from Ecophagy Records

Hello! Welcome!

Welcome to the new home of all things Vihan Rytmi.

We come from Las Vegas, NV. We are.....

Luis - Guitar/Vocals
Larry- Bass/Vocals
Mike - Drums
Adrian - Vocals

and we play hc/punk.

come see us at our next show on Thursday June 7th 2012 (it's Adrian's 32nd birthday too!)